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Hiya all! Sorry for the lack of updates for a few weeks. Both Kiyo and I have been busy with the new anime season and our personal lives. I’ll soon finish Kanata’s route of Starry Sky, so expect a review of that soon.

As for me, besides anime, I have been busy working on a fanfiction that I have been negletting for too long, and some other things have happened in the last few weeks. Of course, I’m still part of J-Liciouss and I we will upload something new soon!


Starry Sky ~in Spring~ Suzuya review

This will be one of my first reviews, so please bear with me. After a hard struggle, I finally got Starry Sky ~in Spring~ to work. Starry Sky was also adapted into an anime, which I had seen while it was still airing. I didn’t like the anime that much, and I don’t remember that much about it anymore either, so I’m starting with a fresh mind.

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New member

Good news for J-Liciouss! My friend of Scarlet Blade, Noradoll, has decided to join me with reviews! On this website I will continue to call her Noradoll, but she’s more known as Shimocchi or Super Shimmery on the internet! Tough I say ‘decided to join’, I pretty much begged her to help me with reviews, haha.

Well, Nora is more a ‘feminine tomboy’ when it comes to games, manga and anime. She’s also a BL fangirl just like me, so she will also handle a few Boys Love things. I’m currently still playing DRAMAtical Murder, so once I’ve completed a route, I of course, will write a review. Nora has started Starry Sky ~in Spring~ so she will be reviewing that game. She will also be reviewing about other fandoms she’s in, like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai for example.

The two of us will try to make J-Licious big and hopefully you’ll enjoy our reviews. I will mostly be working on the website though, since Nora is also busy with her fanfictions~

Girl power all the way