Nagi no Asukara review

Nora has been writing all the reviews for a while, so I thought it was my turn to make a new review. Here is the review of Nagi no Asukara!Plus, I also think Nora would be crying while writing this review, so I will do this one.

Nagi no Asukara, an anime that I disliked the whole first episode. Well, not the whole episode, but a lot of it. I actually had dropped this anime, but Nora told me to continue watching after she had reached episode 10.

Nagi no Asukara is about people from the sea and people from the surface. The people from the sea have a sort of fish skin called ‘Ena’ on their body, which makes them able to live in the water. When they go to the surface, the Ena also absorbes the water on clothes and skin, so their clothes are dry within a few minutes. Some people from the sea fall in love with a person from the surface, and those decide to live on the surface. However, the children born between someone from the sea and someone from the surface won’t be born with Ena, which makes it impossible for them to visit their families in the sea.

The people from the sea live in a little city called Shioshishio. The middle school in their own city has closed because there aren’t a lot of children with Ena anymore. Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki and Kaname are forced to go to Mihama Middle School on the surface. At first, there are a lot of conflicts between the two groups. The children from the surface make fun of Hikari and the others because ‘they smell like fish.’ Soon enough, they learn to understand and respect each other and they become close friends.

When the news spreads that the people on the surface ‘will die’ and that the people from the sea will have to go in hibernation. Hikari and the others decide to hold an Ofunehiki in order to show to the Sea God that the people from the sea and surface are the same. During the Ofunehiki, Manaka gets taken away as a sacrifice. Hikari and Kaname whom were trying to save Manaka in the sea, go into a hibernation.

5 years later, Hikari is the first one to wake up. Everyone on the surface has aged 5 years, while Hikari is the only one who still looks like how he did 5 years ago. When he wakes up, he’s afraid to see that everything has changed. His sister has married the one she loves and lives on the surface, she got a son and everyone grew older. Not long after Hikari, Kaname also wakes up. Soon they discover that Miuna (the daughter of Akira’s husband and a child born between someone from the sea and surface) also seems to have develop Ena. Together with Hikari and Kaname they go into the sea in order to see how everyone in Shioshishio is doing and to find Manaka.

Everyone in Shioshishio is still asleep and while Hikari and Kaname visit their sleeping family, Miuna walks through the city in order to find a sign of Manaka. Miuna is able to feel and hear Manaka’s Ena, and with Miuna’s help, Hikari and Kaname discover Manaka in a graveyard of Ojoshi-sama’s (sacrifices). They retrieve Manaka and head back to the surface. They find out that Manaka’s Ena has disappeared from her body and not too soon after, they also discover that Manaka has lost the ability to love.

Together with everyone in Oshiooshi (the town on the surface) they decide to hold another Ofunehiki in order to bring back Manaka’s ability to love. During this Ofunehiki, the Sea God’s will awakens and most people in Shioshishio are also able to wake up again. After these events, the anime shows how everyone continues their lives together with the people they love.

I was really happy that Nora told me to continue watching this anime, because though it even made me cry quite some during the last few episodes, it’s a really beautiful anime. There really is tissue danger for this anime, but the art is really beautiful, and it’s full of surprises you wouldn’t have thought of. My rating for this anime is ★★★★★. Though I had dropped it at first, I turned out to love this anime.


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